About Rinkul


Who Am I ?

Ok Here’s few words about me

Debasish here, Also well known as Rinkul !! I born & brought up in Odisha. I have graduated from College of Engineering Bhubaneswar under Biju Pattnaik university Of Technology. I am having strong affinity towards modern trends & technologies as well. To do the things better in less complex manner is my attitude. Working Passionately is my hobby & my interest is exploring the innovative ideas those are in my mind. Simply I am cool, fun-loving & straight forward in nature. 

Professional Expertise

I am having more than 3 years of experience in various Web Design & Development Technologies. WordPress is my workspace and I have a great hand on iOS Development.

Something you should know about

Interest, Passion and Dedication. These 3 words are the most powerful words of my life, in fact these are words of every successful guy but that doesn’t mean that i am successful yet. I have so far to go, a lot to see, a lot to realize and more thousands mistake to do. Yes you heard it right “more thousands mistake to do”. Ok speaking of mistakes,  mistake isn’t something you should be sad about but yeah something you should be proud of because mistakes happen. Everyone makes them occasionally, it’s inevitable when there is human involvement. But it’s how you deal with the mistakes that matters, not a single mistake is valueless unless you learn from each.

Let’s talk about dreams, have you ever dreamed of standing on 15357354th floor of a building ? Have you ? I am sure no. Okey lets make it this way. Have you ever dreamed of making out with your girlfriend in the back seat of your lamborghini? Well Yeah, You do have such creepy dreams. If you ask me ! does such dreams help ? I would say YES, it does. Why ? Because Your dreams tell you about your present state of awareness, this is why we dream. Dreams come from an inner place we call the subconscious mind and are presented to you in images which, when interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind, become personally relevant to you and your life. The meaning of these nighttime messages can literally change your life. So indirectly when there is no dream , there is no interest, when there is no interest, there is no passion, when there is no passion, there is no success so Keep Dreaming.

Well yeah!! if it isn’t too late to mention, let me say this i am the Founder Of Innlopers.

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